Main Break on Corner of Prospect St. and Locust Rd. 

1/03/23 – A main break was discovered on the corner of Locust Rd. and Prospect St. in Glen Rock.  Ridgewood Water crews were able to isolate the break and complete the repair to the main line while still under pressure.  The increased flow to this area could cause a disruption to the water system and dislodged mineral sediment, creating discolored water in the immediate vicinity of the main repair.  While discolored water is a nuisance, it does not pose any adverse health effects.

What should I do? If you find discolored water coming from your tap. Homeowners should flush their cold water faucets until the discolored water diminishes, which typically occurs within 2-3 minutes.   It is also advisable to bypass any filtration systems or water softeners while flushing as the sediment may overload the filter media.  Refrain from washing clothes or running dishwashers until you have successfully checked and flushed your household plumbing.