Infrastructure Responsibility

Do you have a leak at or near the water meter? Are you unsure about what plumbing you own? Refer to the photos and information below to determine responsibility and how to get it repaired ASAP.

Overview- Ownership and Responsibility

The photo below differentiates the ownership and responsibility of the infrastructure from the street into the property.

Yoke Setup

If there is a leak at or around the water meter please look at photos below to determine whether the plumbing looks similar. If not, please skip ahead to the section entitled "Modern Setup". If it does, you have a yoke setting. A yoke setting is a method of plumbing that is no longer used, nor can parts be replaced. To determine who is responsible for the leak, please refer to photos and the information below:

If the leak is coming from the yoke expansion coupling or any part of the meter itself, please call us at 201-670-5520 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. If it is leaking from anywhere else, it is the property owners responsibility and a plumber will be needed. If it has been determined that it is the property owners responsibility, the method of repair is to have the entire yoke setup cut out from where the pipe enters the home and having it re-plumbed to resemble the photo below. Ridgewood Water will need to shut the water off at the curb stop for this process to be completed. We request that you schedule an appointment at least 3 days prior to the date your plumber is scheduled. We will come to the property and ensure the curb stop is fully functional; if it is not, you will be notified.

The curb stop is only to be operated by Ridgewood Water. If the stop is operated by anyone else, additional fees will apply.

Modern Setup

If your setup is similar to the photo above, the next step is to determine whose responsibility the leak is. Please refer to the photo below. All of the highlighted parts are the responsibility of the property owner and need to be replaced at their expense. If the meter itself is leaking, please contact us at 201-670-5520 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment for a meter change.