Notice of Ridgewood Water Construction Activites

Road Work Ahead 

9/18- No Expected Traffic Interruptions: RW distribution crews are planning a water main replacement that will take between 2-3 weeks to complete. As it is not located on a busy road, there are no expected traffic interruptions this week.

Maintenance and Repair 

9/18- Lead Service Line Inspections: The Hydro Excavator Truck may be coming to a street near you. To learn more about RW's efforts to identify lead service lines within our system, visit the Lead Update and Resources page.

9/18- Main Line Replacements: RW’s distribution crew is preparing to replace a 600 foot section of water main on Woodland Avenue, in Wyckoff. The main replacement is expected to take between 2-3 weeks. The replacement has been redesigned to allow the main to eventually be looped into the rest of the distribution system, allowing for more redundancy and to prevent water stagnation.

Capital Improvements 

9/18- We received responses to our request for proposal for preparation and design of the Lead Service Line Replacement Program.
Ridgewood Water engineers are in the process of reviewing the proposals and recommending the best company to help design this program.

On September 13th, the Village Council awarded the contract for the final three PFAS Treatment Facilities (Eastside, Mountain, and Main) to Arcadis Engineering.