Ridgewood Water Inventorying Unknown Service Lines 

As part of New Jersey’s legislative mandate to remove all lead service lines (including galvanized iron) by July 2031, water utilities need to determine the material type of every service line in their water system. Ridgewood Water continues its work to determine the service line material for those properties where the material type is currently unknown. We will be utilizing our Vac-Con truck to dig small holes in the right-of-way of properties, allowing us to expose both sides of the valve that connects the main in the street to the service line running to a home or business. We will then document the material type of both the main-to-curb (utility-owned) and curb-to-building (privately owned by homeowner/business) portions.

Once the work has been performed, Ridgewood Water staff will fill in the hole that was dug and will level with topsoil. When seasonally appropriate, Ridgewood Water will return to the property to seed, pave and or replace sidewalks as necessary in an effort to restore the right-of-way to its original condition.

Homeowners or businesses who are found to have a lead service line will receive a certified letter from Ridgewood Water informing them of the material type that was found.

For the most up to date information regarding the material type of your service line please utilize our interactive map which can be found HERE.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact Ridgewood Water Customer Service at (201) 670-5520.

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