Water Emergencies


Water Emergencies are events where the reliability or safety of the public water supply is threatened or compromised. Examples of water emergencies include Boil Water Advisories, water main failures, terrorist threats, and low pressure conditions due to firefighting or other extraordinary demands.  Even though occurrences of water emergencies are very rare, it is important for your safety and peace of mind to know that Ridgewood Water has standard operating procedures it follows to keep the public informed and to restore the system to normal as quickly as possible.  Up to date information is always available on this website.  Depending on the circumstances, information is also disseminated by print and broadcast news media, public address systems and hand delivered leaflets.  One of the most important methods used to inform the public is the swift H2O automated calling system. This system uses a telephone number database that is updated regularly. Please click on the swift H2O portal below and register if you have not yet done so.


If you experience a water emergency at your property or notice a situation that you believe requires our attention, please call 201-670-5524 between 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday or 201-670-5526 all other hours and we will respond promptly to your situation.


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