Lead Precautions


Even though corrosion control treatment has been highly effective in reducing lead concentrations in drinking water, we recommend that customers continue to use the following precautions (especially those with lead or unknown service line material):

  • Find out if you have a lead service line. Call RW at 201-670-3372 to find out if your home or business has a lead service line.
  • Avoid using stagnant water (water that has not been used in 6 hours or more). Flush stagnant water out of your pipes by letting your faucet run for 15 to 30 seconds before consuming or for use in cooking.
  • Use only cold water for cooking or consuming. Warm water is more susceptible to leaching lead particles.
  • Test your water. Water testing kits are available at the office of RW through a discount with a testing laboratory.
  • Replace your lead service line. If your home or business has a lead service line, plan to replace it.
  • Look for alternative sources or treatment of water using a NSF approved filter and know when it’s time to replace the filter.
  • Routinely clean your faucet’s aerator/screen.