GWUDI Updates


The results of the monitoring program indicate the following:

1. Ridgewood Water has successfully completed the required sampling as described in the EPA-approved monitoring plan.

2. The data collected to date show no conclusive evidence of direct influence of surface water from Group 1 or Group 2 wells.

3. Two Group 3 raw water sample collected prior to disinfection from Wortendyke Well #6 & Salem Well indicated potential evidence of vulnerability to fecal contamination.  However, water from each well is being treated to achieve 4-log removal of viruses.     Wortendyke well #6 is shutdown and Salem well underwent sanitary repairs and will return to operation with treatment to achieve 4 log removal of viruses.

4. As of 12/23/19, NJDEP has reviewed the results of the EPA monitoring plan and determined that only 4 of the studied wells require follow up monitoring.

Non- GWUDI Wells Determined From The Study:

Carr #1 E. Ridgewood Ames #3 Glen Rock Midland Lakeview Stevens Cedar Hill #1 Eder
Carr #3 Paramus Ames #5 Irving Mountain Russell Twinney Cedar Hill #5 Farview
Carr #4 Meer Ames #6 Main Wortendyke #2 Ackerman Walthery Cedar Hill #6 Lafayette
Carr #6 Weisch Ames #7 Prospect Wortendyke #7 Spring West End College Waldo

Wells Requiring Follow Up Monitoring:

Carr #7 Newtown E. Saddle River Grove

Wells With The Potential To Be Evaluated For Future Monitoring:

Van Houten Franklin Salem Cedar Hill #4

Inactive Wells:

Wortendyke #4 Goffle Andover King
Wortendyke #6 Ravine Leigh Linwood


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