In May 2016, EPA announced plans for a health advisory limit of 70 parts per trillion (ppt), either combined or individually, for PFOA and PFOS. Ridgewood Water’s UCMR3 sampling results from 2014 and 2015 indicated that one of its 27 treatment plants (then active) had levels of PFOA and PFOS that, when combined, were above 70 ppt. In anticipation of the EPA guidance, Ridgewood Water removed the treatment plant from the system in January 2017 and the water supply met all regulatory standards for drinking water when the guidance was set.

In late 2017, NJDEP notified Ridgewood Water of its plans to set a guidance value for PFOA and we voluntarily followed their recommended actions in preparation for the announcement. This included testing all treatment plants in the system for a suite of 14 PFAS compounds, including PFOA, PFOS and PFNA. Results indicate that low-levels of PFOA are widespread in the system, with 24 of 25 tested treatment plants measuring levels above the proposed NJDEP MCL. Lower levels of PFOS were detected at or below the recently proposed NJDEP MCL. All treatment plants measured PFNA levels well below the newly established NJDEP MCL of 13 ppt.