On May 25th the USEPA released an updated health advisory on Perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water.  The advisory Is not a regulation or enforceable, but meant to be guide for water purveyors such as Ridgewood Water to take action to protect their consumers.  The advisory established lower limits on these chemicals than had previously been set.  As a result Ridgewood Water determined that one facility was above the new limit.  The facility was shut down pending the results of new test samples taken at the facility. The results of the latest tests indicate that the blended output of the facility at its point of entry has levels below the limit. The facility will be restarted if system demand requires us to boost production. The output will be tested monthly to ensure that PFOA and PFOS remain at safe levels. To further reduce concentration, Ridgewood Water will evaluate the feasibility of installing treatment for the removal of these chemicals.

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