Lead Updates and Resources


In this section you will find the latest updates on lead, as well as the status of corrosion control.

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NJDEP information regarding lead in drinking water specific to Consumers, Schools and Childcares, and Public Water Systems- Click HERE

Corrosion Control:
Lead contamination can occur when water is in contact with plumbing materials containing lead for several hours undisturbed.  Corrosion control is the treatment process in which small amounts of phosphates are added to the water in order to prevent lead contamination.  The phosphates create a thin coating on the inside of plumbing materials, effectively preventing the corrosion of lead into the water.  This treatment has been fully implemented into the Ridgewood Water system since May, 2016 and has been effective in lowering lead concentration.  Even though this treatment is highly effective in preventing lead contamination, we recommend that you let the faucet run for several seconds before drawing water for drinking or cooking.

Water Testing Kits:
Discount water test kits are available from Ridgewood Water. Please call 201-670-5520 or visit Village Hall at 131 N. Maple Ave. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 for more information.

Other Information:
If you would like to know the material of your service line please call 201-670-3372.

How lead gets into your drinking water.